American’s spent over $5.25 billion on dog boarding and grooming according to the American Pet Products Association and the famed American Kennel Club is one of the latest organizations to jump into the game. AKC Pet Care LLC recently bought Welcome!SPOT Canine Clubs in NYC and revamped and rebranded 6 locations as Canine Retreat by American Kennel Club.

Next Thursday, September 13th they are officially opening their doors to a 6th location on Manhattan’s Upper West side at 105 W. 72nd Street.

To celebrate the opening, AKC will host a Bark-To-School event featuring regular clients styled in the latest back-to-school dog fashions styled by PupStye Author & TV Personality, Dara Foster.  AKC  expert groomers and trainers will be on hand to share the latest back-to-school grooming styles and training tips and allow the public to tour their swanky facility.

The retreats offer some of the usual services most dog daycares have on the menu like grooming, training, walking but also offer dog jogging. Yes, dog jogging! You can now hire a qualified runner to fully condition your high-energy Aussie or Lab puppy so at the end of the day, you are greeted by a happy healthy tuckered out pooch. I was lucky enough to get a personal tour of their Chelsea location and can’t wait to check out the Upper West side spot this week. They are bright, well light and the regular clients I met couldn’t say enough good things about the care and service.

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If you live in any urban area, especially NYC and have a cat or dog, you’ve felt the frustration of trying to get a taxi, Urber or any car service to pick up you and your pet. No one wants to pick up an animal. They fear pet hair, dirt, germs, allergens and an unrestrained animals that can become deadly projectiles in a car accident or sudden stop.

As a New Yorker, I can assure you that I’ve experienced this first hand and pulled many hairs out trying to get my dog models to photo shoots and TV appearances. Many national TV shows won’t even send a car service for their animal guests when they want them on air. Shocking, I know but true! No one wants the liability. New York city subways now require ALL animals to be in a bag in order to ride the subway. There goes that option.

Say “adios” to those days. A new on-demand car service called SpotOn is launching in New York City this month in Manhattan then expending to all 5 boroughs and beyond in September. SpotOn plans to expand to all major U.S. cities and beyond. will be available on the Apple store and Google Play.

It’s the savior all metro pet owners have been waiting for. This honestly is the best thing since Uber for pet parents. Now if we want to take our dog to the airport, dog park, vet, friends house, shopping you name it, we can! All you need to do is download the App, create a user profile for you and YOUR PET then request a car. A car that your pet is matched up with you and will arrive with in the hour. Let’s say you have a Great Dane, a Mini Cooper won’t show up but an SUV or minivan  large enough to safely accommodate your pet will.


Safety and cleanliness are key components of this service. Each car is equipped with a pet safety harness or crate and you are going to be required to use it. Sorry, but no lap rides but this is how all pet parents should ride with a pet. Restrained! No excuses.  We take safety a step further and require all pets to be placed in provided safety harness. We also finger print and background check every driver in a way that Urber and Lyft do not” said Aparna Srinivasan, CEO and Founder of SpotOn said

A cat or dog can easily be killed in a car accident and project forward like a rocket killing you along with it. You wouldn’t let a toddler loose in a car and your dog or cat shouldn’t be either.

“In addition, there will be pet amenities in each car such as a: water; antibacterial wipes, lint rollers, backseat covers, and treats for dogs and cats.”  Each car will be wiped down with antibacterial wipes in-between rides” according to Srinivasan.

 “SpotOn is literally creating a brand new career opportunity within the pet industry, that just did not exist before,” said Nancy Hassel, President and founder of American Pet Professionals.  “The opportunity that Aparna and the SpotOn team are giving people to have a new career in the pet industry, and basically become their own boss with little overhead is tremendous.  I can not wait to see how this takes off in cities across the country and helps pet owners get from point A to point B with their pets, safely.” 

SpotOn is not only solving a problem for frustrated pet parents, but it’s opening up new employment opportunities too. They already have 5,000 registered drivers and 50,000 registered passengers so this is going to be big! Buckle up pet peeps! For more information about SpotOn go to or call 833-4-SPOTON, (833) 477-6866.

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A proper fitting dog rain coat is the first piece of PupStyle dog fashion I tell my clients to invest in. If there is one item you shouldn’t go cheap on, it’s the rain coat. If chosen properly, it can last you for many years and become a main wardrobe staple. A good fitting rain coat like the one below from  DJANGO , will save you a tremendious amount of time and money on grooming and cleaning your home.

The picture below is my puppy Norm who insisted on going feral one recent raining morning and came home looking like a mud mop. Needless to say his coat ended up matted,my bathroom trashed and now he is in for a big shave soon. Let this be a lesson to myself and others-don’t let the dog go naked in the rain!

What makes for a good rain coat?

  1. THE CUT-Measure your dog carefully and read the size chart. It sounds simple, but there are no universal size guidelines for pet fashion so one brands XS might be another’s S. Start by measuring the length of your dog from the base of it’s neck to the base of the tail. Next, measure the girth. The girth is the circumference of the chest. Lastly, the neck size. Usually for a rain coat neck size it’s such a big deal unless you have a Bull Dog or Pub etc. who has a thick neck. Be sure to choose a size that covers enough as close to the base of the tail as possible for optimal coverage but not too long where it covers part of the tail.

2.  EASY ON/OFF DESIGN-Velcro vs buckles. Go for velcro closures instead of snaps, buttons or velcro when choosing a dog rain coat. Long hair easily gets caught in buckles and buttons and can be hard to put on and take off a wiggle wet dog. You also want to be sure the design allows for a harness to be worn under it with a hole on the back of the coat for the leash to stick through and a hole near the neck closure for a leash to attach to a collar.

3. HIGH QUALITY FABRIC WITH A LINING-Avoid a stiff plastic fabric and look for something like the DJANGO coat that is made of a soft yet water proof nylon and a breathable lining.

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Check out Dara’s profile in the New York Times as the one and only Pet Fashion Stylist in the world!

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Hey PupStylers!

Put your dancing shoes on and head to the NeueHouse NYC for a fun evening of drinks, dogs and dancing to support the Sato Project. The Sato Project is one of our favorite charities that rescues abandoned and abused dogs from Puerto Rico. They are throwing a spring time cocktail party on May 10th, in NYC and I am thrilled to support their efforts.

In case you aren’t familiar with the organization, The Sato Project has been working tirelessly since 2011 to rescue abused and abandoned dogs from Puerto Rico. When Hurricane Maria hit the island last fall, The Sato Project stepped up in a huge way to save thousands of animals left behind in the devastation, and their important work on the Island continues.

The Sato Social will feature a rock-star DJ, great drinks and snacks, a curated silent auction, surprise guests (both human and canine) and more – check out the invite below!

We encourage you to learn more about The Sato Project by visiting www.thesatoproject.orgAND BY coming to The Sato Social on May 10th – you’ll truly be making a difference just by buying a ticket. They are $175 each, click the invite below or this link to purchase:

If you can’t make the party, you can still make a difference. Consider making a donation by clicking HERE, or check out The Sato Project’s Amazon Wish List to donate supplies for an upcoming transport.

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PupStyle parents know that good things come in small packages and so do the designers of Guardian Orb.  Introducing the smallest pet GPS tracking device that offers both a home AND portable base stations for a 10 mile radius tracking with NO monthly fees.

What that means is, if you leave your house and want to keep your pet safe within a 10 mile radius of where you are, just take the base with you and you have constant tracking coverage. You can exhale while traveling knowing that you can locate your pet while in unfamiliar territory or on home turf.  PupStyle is lucky enough to be one of the first to learn about this dreamy device and get the scoop for pre-ordering. Guardian Orb is currently available on Indidigogo for only $219.00 and guaranteed to ship in July and there is NO MONTHLY FEE-EVER!

Guardian Orb Pet GPS Tracker

Guardian Orb is the first pet tracking device that offers advanced geo-location technology coupled with being the most reliable and cost-effective GPS tracker on the market. If you’ve researched pet GPS trackers you know that they usually come with monthly service fees in addition to hefty upfront expense for the hardware.

For $219 you get:

  • A tiny GPS tracker Orb so small a bunny could wear it
  • Guardian Home – this is the home base station that plugs into your router
  • Guardian Go – Portable unit with a 16 hour battery life. Small enough to fit in a purse!

It’s the most accurate, reliable and cost-effective GPS tracking solution ever created. Keep track of your pets in real-time, on ANY smartphone, tablet or desktop. Now, you can find a lost or stolen pet in seconds, or simply just check in at home when you can’t be there.

WATCH the video below to see how simple it is use.



You can even add on additional Orbs for your other pets so you can track all of them in one place from your phone or tablet. One additional Orb is $69 or you can buy a 2 pack for $129 to cover the whole pack.

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Doggie DON’T!

I’ve been reviewing dog products and dog fashion at PupStyle for over 16 years and just when I think I’ve seen it all, a new idea creeps up that has me wondering if I should laugh, cry or rejoice? Yes, I’ve styled a pug to look like Olivia Newton on Wendy Willams for a dog fashion show, but this new dog Onesie by  Shed Defender – Putting Dog Hair in its Place – Red – XS takes “Lets Get Physical” to a new level.

This one-piece dog suite was designed to protect your home and car from unwanted dog shedding but the founder, Tyson Walters  also found it useful for protecting surgical site wounds and claims it might be able to replace the cone of shame. The company also markets this for reducing anxiety and protecting your dogs coat from dirt and wet sand at the beach for example.

Shed defender product review

In theory this seems like a handy idea, but after putting the product to the test on my 9th month old puppy Norman, I see it as more of a torture device. The cut and colors of the suit are stylish and would look cute styled with a hoodie, for an “active wear look” but my PupStyler became very anxious and started biting and pulling on the legs to get it off.  Norman is very mellow and usually lets me dress him up in anything but he was angry at the Shed Defender!

Norman is also ultra fluffy and I found it impossible to zip up the suite without getting his hair stuck in the zipper. I also had to be VERY careful not to zip up his “jewels” in the process because it’s designed to cover literally everything under the belly. In order for the dog to pee, you must unzip it or else you get a leotard loaded with pee and poo.

Product review of the Shed Defender

Dog onesies are not anything new in pet fashion but the most successful designs leave an opening for the dog to do it’s business and avoid zippers at all cost on the underbelly. Velcro or buttons  would be a safer design option to consider. I can’t say all dogs will react like Norman and some may actually like it but to test it out you will have to drop $39.00. You be the judge.

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Watch out, a new market place just for small businesspeople and craftspeople who make products for dogs and dog lovers has arrived.

Introducing Hound & Co, a recently launched website where pet product designers can open their own store for free inside a market place dedicated to selling all things hound. Think but just for dog product crafters and designers. Sellers can easily upload photos and open up a shop and start selling within minutes.Similar to, they charge a fee but only 4% when your item sells and do not charge a fee for posting items which does.Hound & Co also gets bonus points for donating a portion of all sales to rescue organizations and building a platform where rescue groups can sign-up and post pics of adoptable pets for free. If you have a rescue organization this is just one more free area to get the word out in a space already attracting dog lovers.

Check them out!

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Bad dog breath isn’t PupStylish and needs to be tackled with both stilettos on! Let’s admit it,  dogs have bad breath and most pet parents we just tend to put up with it instead of fighting the good fight to fix it. If you have a puppy like I do, you might be handing out more treats as positive training reward than you usually do. Many store bought brands are actually really stinky and leave that smell behind in your dogs breath. YUCK!

After reviewing pet products for over 15 years, we often get the 411 on a new product before the masses gain access. When I saw a fellow Marketing and PR CZAR was offering up a new product to test out for dog bad breath I had to jump at the opportunity. I haven’t tested this out on any adult dogs, but I can testify that it totally worked on Norman at 7 months old. His breath used to smell like roses and now it resembles something rank in my fridge.


Dog Gone Breath isn’t a breath mint but instead of goes to the tummy to balance out gut flora which is often the culprit. After two days of usage, it has worked for Norman. He seems to love the taste I notice a difference quickly. 

It’s made from all natural ingredients that will make any vegan jump for joy. All of the ingredients have been known for centuries to help stomach issues so it makes sense that they would help dogs too and cure the bacteria causing stinky kisses. This cost is $19.99 and worth every penny!

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As a follow up to my successful book series Now You See It! PupStyle and Now You See It! t PupStyle: Red Carpet Pups the dogs are back and dressed to impressed as various career professionals you can be when you grow up. Learn about what it means to be a fashion designer, doctor, soft wear developer and other important jobs.

Watch our for my latest  book, Now You See It! PupStyle When I Grow Up at your Scholastic Book Fairs and Club order forms (the nostalgic old school order form kids get from school).


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Nitey Leash is the world’s first-ever fiber optic dog leash and the only dog leash that lights up completely from end to end. Nitey Leash uses fiber optic technology, paired with a super powerful LED, to make dogs and their owners stand out from the crowd at nighttime and in the early morning.

Screenshot 2017-04-04 15.10.23


Unsaved Preview Document

Screenshot 2017-04-04 15.10.33

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Did you know that 63% of American house holds have pets? Dog gifts this holiday season are all about personalization, customization and keeping them safe and healthy.


From human-grade dog food tailored for your specific dog delivered right to your door, to dog DNA test kits that not only give you the fluffy breed reveal, but teach you about potential genetic diseases for your dog. It’s all about caring for your dog as an unique individual not just as generic breed or dog.

Check out my latest TV appearance on the Morning Blend and holiday gift pet gift ideas below. Happy shopping PupStylers!












PupStyle Rules!

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I doubt most of us look at animal bones or Elk antler as as chewable art for dogs, but Heather Crowe the Founder of Charlie Bax does! She walks through the woods and stumbles upon a naturally shed Elk Antler found on the ground and sees a canvas for engraving.


PupStyle CEO Oliver is excited dig into his personalized antler, but it’s almost to pretty to destroy. I am choosing to keep mine on a decorative shelf as an art pice and memorial for my dog that I can keep forever.


Most deer and elk shed their antlers during March and April, a time when their testosterone levels are generally at the lowest. The shedding process takes about 2-3 weeks leaving sculptural antlers for artists to turn into personalized dog chews and candles.



Charlie Bax is a artisan collection of bone ware for the home and family dog that makes for an elegant holiday gift for both pets and parents.



Choose your own size and one of of their available fonts (custom fonts available for additional cost – and your chewable art will be shipped directly to your doorstep.



The antlers are very good for dental hygiene and are great at removing plaque from your dogs teeth too! A truly unique gift that will make your loved one go “woof” or “WOW”.

Prices range from $32.00 for a small to $48 for an X-Large.

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Looking like a dog never looked so good thanks to the artistic work of Miesmesa Berni! If you’ve ever researched the web under the search terms “adult Halloween dog masks” what you likely find are tons of pictures of Clifford The Big Red Dog and cartoonish rubber dog head masks that will creep out children. That is a big “No, No”. Instead, spend a little time searching around on and for unique, handmade animal masks that no one else will be wearing.


Check out 5 artful animal Halloween masks hand sculpted out of paper mache by the artist Miesmesa Berni. Each mask ships from Latvia  with prices ranging from $58-158 plus shipping. Hit up a local vintage or second hand clothing store for clothing and accessories to wear with the mask. After Halloween, display your beautiful mask on a shelf or hang it on a wall hook.







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